How to become gold seal certified


The Gold Seal program is a national construction certification program for Project Managers, Superintendents, Estimators, and company owners, and is managed by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA).

Certification is based on a combination of education, experience, and passing through program requirements and testing.

Depending on your aconstruction industry experience, education, training, and other related management skills, everyone starts at an individual level in the Certification process. There is a “Gold Seal Wizard” on the CCA website to help you determine how far along in the process you are and what you will have to do in order to accomplish this professional designation.

Intent of the program is to raise the professional certification standards and image of the industry by having construction management skills in estimating, project supervision, and management recognized through a national standard.

For the individual, Gold Seal demonstrates a commitment to professional education and improvement, skill, and competence that is recognized by construction employers across the country. It also provides an anlaysis of individual strenths and weaknesses as determined by the examination process.

It is a marketable credential/professional designation for those working in the construction industry that will help to separate them as more qualified than their non-certified counterparts in the industry.

For the contractor, it demonstrates a commitment to education, skill and competence of its workforce. It demonstrates that the individual has attained a nationally recognize level of experience and competence as a Superintendent, estimator, or project manager.

For the owner/buyer of construction services, it is an assurance the the construction project management personnel employed on its projects have met the industry’s regiorous national standrads. It is an important tool to distinguish skills and competencies in the individuals running your projects.


  1. Visit the CCA’s Gold Seal Wizard (type “Gold Seal Wizard” into Google). Answer the series of basic questions on your education, training, designations, and industry experience at which point you will receive an recommended application stream based on your responses.
  2. Based on your needed credits as noted by the Gold Seal Wizard, sign-up for Gold Seal Seminar courses through the OSWCA. Each course is worth an identified number of credits and upon completion of each course, you will receive a certificate which is your proof of credits.
  3. Review the Gold Seal Certification Guide (type “Gold Seal Certification Guide” into Google) to see the various available designations. The Guide also includes details on the certification process, subject matter, course offerings, the examination structure, and appeal procedures.
  4. Upon completion of the necessary credits, as determined by steps 1 & 2, apply for certification by visiting and clicking on the “Get Certified” icon in the upper right corner.
  5. Once your application has been approved, you can sign up for the next available testing date to complete your Gold Seal Exam.
  6. The Certification exams can be written at the OSWCA on the specified date. Practice tests are available on the Gold Seal website.


  •  Information on past and present positions and employer(s), as well as projects you have worked on;
  •  Certificate of Qualification (if applicable); and,
  •  Proof of formal education and training certificates;
  •  Letter of recommendation from your employer.


Candidates with a provincial Construction Safety Officer (or equivalent) designation are automatically approved to challenge the Gold Seal exam, with proof of give years’ total experience.